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Developer Experience

How to build and manage world class dev relations organizations | Matt Makai | LaunchDarkly

In this conversation, Debo Ray and Matt Makai, VP of Developer Relations and Experience at LaunchDarkly, talk about building high-performing dev relations organizations and why Jeff Lawson of Twilio is his role-model for developer evangelist.

June 20, 2024
Developer Productivity

Building engineering organizations from 0 to 1 | Sameer Mangalampali | Tellius

Sameer Mangalampalli, Head of Engineering at Tellius, discusses the challenges he is currently working on, including improving processes, innovating in the data space, and ensuring a positive developer experience.

June 20, 2024
Developer Productivity

The Developer Marketplace Model at Thoughtful AI | Jesal Gadhia

In this episode of the If Then Podcast, Debo Ray interviews Jesal Gadhia. Jesal talks about the developer marketplace model at Thoughtful AI, where customer engineers partner with the developer marketplace to build solutions using the company's SDK..

June 17, 2024
Developer Productivity

Why do you need lawyers on your AI team | Tommy Levi | Agiloft

In the "Why do you need lawyers on your AI team" episode of the If/then podcast, Tommy Levi, the Senior Director of ML at Agiloft, discusses the importance of making valuable decisions in customer-facing engineering projects.

June 10, 2024
Developer Productivity

How these engineering leaders measure and drive efficiency (and what about DORA)

If you are an engineering leader, the pressure to measure and improve is on. But what to measure and how to drive efficiency are the big questions. Jonathan, Rob and Don shared their experience leading engineering teams at Uber, Meta and Microsoft.

May 24, 2024
Developer Productivity

How Uber increased developer productivity and what you can learn from that

In this Webinar Debo Ray and Mihai Chiorean, recount the Uber's developer productivity transformation from 2016 to 2021 and the tools that helped them push more code faster

March 13, 2024

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